EMERGENERATION is a global community based non-profit organization that focuses on maintaining a international library catalog of informational resources in conjunction with the Internetworking Broadcasting Social Group (INBSG)

Our foundation was upon the logic of preserving the past by enabling the utilization of knowledge for a better future. This projection was similar to  INBSG's think tank pattern and as such, this  partnership allowed us to establish the EMERGEN time capsule entitled "P.O. 20/20", in affiliation with the creation of our Internet Broadcasting Social Network (IBSN)

The basis of the P.O. 20/20 is to archive a historical assortment of  digitally interactive informational sources within a global broadcasting system.

At EMERGENERATION, we believe in paying it forward. We were founded to inspire, motivate and showcase how the ideal of ethics should be the most important concern in relation to the worldwide view and structure of how we globally interact with one another.

To that end, EMERGENERATION'S decision to collaborate with another organization active in the global community was a way of not only expanding our reach but also in streamlining our outreach process known within our organization by our acronym EGG; a model that consists of a set of three key beliefs of  how we use nouns to produce actions.

"A person is the ideal avenue to make a place valuable by being able to have a perspective of how a thing is structured."

With that in mind, our EGG model is simplified through the meaning found within our name. A breakdown of what we stand for is as follows:


Our organizational name is broken down into three words with two being visible while the other is the projection we evolve through the main "contraction" of our name when being used in conversation.


As you can see, the words EMERGE and GENERATION are interconnected to provide the jest of the work we do for all communities.

The "projected" word we were alluding to was GOODNESS. This word is the key to why we reference our social impact campaign as EMERGEN; mostly due to the  fact that we want to create a "feel good" handle that plays off of a positive verb.

We promote actions of involvement to do goodness and within that is an emergence of a new executable actions within social networking that integrates into our extension of emerging into the act or process of being kind.

Our point-of-view encompasses growth and the realization of good works within:

"An evolution ensued by the state or quality of showcasing good living"

Our contributions to society are driven by what we've learned from the past, present and near future.

We also believe in the saying "from the mouths of babes" often proves to be too true.

Every new generation, in our opinion have not only provided lesson from the past - but also prepared us for the future. So it's not surprising that each emergence of a new generation only contributes to the " butterfly effect"  in which there is a phenomenon occurring - whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere.